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Bored? Get creative!

With Kits for Kids and Adults

Kits for Kids and Adults

We offer a vast range of Design and Technology kits covering all age groups and abilities, plus various Art and Craft kits suitable for the general hobbyist and the more creative customers. All kits are ideal for home tuition or in an educational establishment, but also fun when you feel creative yourself.


Opitec Easy Line

All our EasyLine kits are aligned and tested to meet the needs of children. Each kit consists of prefabricated components, which enable a simple design with few tools. Great results quickly as no machine tools required. Simple – unpack – assemble- results.

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Construction Kits

All our kits are developed by professors, teacher, inventors and pupils. The range of projects are suitable for children of all ages and abilities. Each kit includes plans and enough material to make and understand the basic concept. Students can also customise the design should they wish.

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Art & Craft

Most individuals enjoy creating items by themselves or within a group. There are many benefits such as relieving stress, anxiety, helps with motor skills and communication. Whether you want to try something new or just enjoy your chosen specialist craft there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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